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Professional Services: Sewer Pumping, E-One Pumps, Road Preps & More

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Our Services

Discover a comprehensive range of professional services designed to meet your infrastructure needs with BM Contracting.

We specialise in drainage and utilities installation, pressure sewer pumping systems, meticulous preparations for building foundations,driveways, kerb and channel footpath and more. Delivering solutions that prioritise efficiency, safety and environmental responsibility. Our expert team employs advanced techniques such as pipe bursting repair, minimising disruption by fixing underground pipework without extensive excavation.

Whether you need open trench service installation for essential utilities or efficient ground dewatering using state-of-the-art well points and vacuum pumps, BM Contracting ensures precision and reliability in every project. Trust BM Contracting’s precision earthworks expertise for foundation preparation, achieving unparalleled accuracy for standard foundations and advanced rib raft floors. Our commitment to excellence extends to drain laying, where our certified professionals manage everything from repairs to large-scale installations with specialised equipment tailored for each job.

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Experience firsthand why BM Contracting is synonymous with quality and efficiency in infrastructure solutions!

Pipe Bursting Repair

Repair of your underground pipework without excavating your whole property, therefore making less mess.

Open Trench Service Installation

Open trench to install underground services – storm water, waste water, potable water.

Ground Dewatering

Dewatering of water logged ground using well points and vacuum pumps. Call us for a quote.

Foundation Prep

Foundation prep, The Team at BM contracting can Complete your earthworks and foundation prep. Whether it be a standard foundation or prep work for a rib raft floor. Our works are completed to a high standard using state if the art machinery achieving results within mm accuracy. This accuracy saves you money on concrete. Give us a call to see how we can help with your site works.

Drain Laying

The team at BM contracting specialise in laying pipework, Our team of registered and certifying drainlayers can tackle any job from pipework repairs to new houses and commercial multi-unit dwellings. With the right skills and right size gear to tackle any job your experience with BMC will be hassle free.

Road Prep

Road and footpath prep for either concrete, asphalt or chipseal.